Our event cannot be possible without your generous support and contributions.

How the funds are used?

All sponsorship funds are used for the benefit of the PythonHo Conference and the PythonHo User Group, Django Girls Ho and PyLadiesHo communities respectively.

Funds raised pay for our venue/rental space, supplies/logistics, grants, food and accommodation to support external attendees and speakers.

In the event of any surplus funds that we collect will be used in funding some operational costs of the Python communities activities within the region throughout the year and support the effort of our next event.

A significant amount of what funds we raised will go directly into ticket cost in the bid to make PythonHo conference accessible to everyone - with much focus on Diversity and Inclusion.

If you would like to sponsor the PythonHo Conference, please review our Sponsorship Prospectus.

Or reach out to Sponsorship@PythonHo.com